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christmas dream and more -


"Thank-you so much for the copy of Christmas Dream! I have listened to you several times and in my view it is an amazing compilation and I could listen to you all the time. ..... I realise that I love what you do! Your Christmas Collection does not simply cover the subject with titles that touch the spirit of the season so well, but your playing is ethereal and spiritual in itself. .....I will buy any future compilations you create."


'Thank you for Christmas is full of love and light..."


"Just stunning..."


Classical Guitarist for hire.  Classical guitar teacher.  Composer Essex

'Christmas Dream & More' begins with six specifically seasonal tracks, followed by a further seven that whist still highly spiritual in  nature are suitable in all seasons.  Therefore the CD could be enjoyed particularly at Christmas, but still be played from track 7 to the end at any time of year.

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