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"I am taking the chance to write and thank-you for your tuition which enabled me to attain a distinction at grade seven.  Thank-you very much for your tuition and pushing me to achieve more. It helped me to see the guitar in a different light and gave me new approaches to tackling problems.... Many thanks again."

J Ward, Rayleigh

"I feel I really benefited from our evening ensemble, the end I felt quite comfortable with everyone else and really enjoyed the challenge of it all." 

 Jean, Leigh-on-sea

"I can't thank you enough for the teaching you've given me over the the years. I've nothing but gratitude for the sure technical foundation I've developed with you, and the attention to detail you've always shown especially in helping me avoid bad habits.  I hope you like the CDs, they're some of my compositions. As I write my music on the guitar, you made them possible."

David, Southend-on-sea

"You have been a huge influence on my career choice as a musician and I am very grateful for that."

Michael, Southend-on-sea

"I really am glad I came to you for lessons. I couldn't have wished for anyone better, you made me see that with confidence I could further myself... I only wished I could have been with you to the end of my grades..."

Tracie, Cornwall

"You have been an excellent and supportive teacher and I am very grateful for this.  I will gladly recommend your work to other parents"

C Lane, Chalkwell

"..I always enjoyed my time with you - I hope all your other pupils realise what a class act their teacher is - "  

Geoff, Basildon, Essex

"Jo thanks for all your guidance and patience this term. I am lucky to have such an expert tutor......I am delighted with how things have gone and looking forward to next term."

Paul, Benfleet

"Very productive lesson, thank-you" 

Matt, Westcliff on sea

"Thank you for this evening's lesson, it was amazing as always."

D N, 2024

"I loved being your student" -  Lyra (age 8), Langdon Hills

"....and thanks for your excellent tuition :)"  -  Steve

"Thank you for the awesome lesson, I really enjoyed it and very much looking forward to the next one."  -  Jon

"Thank you for an inspirational lesson today. "   -  David

"Thank-you for your wonderful teaching"  -  Penny , Salisbury

"Thanks very much for lesson. Very beneficial."  -  Nick

"Thank-you for a lovely lesson"  -  Hazel

"Thank you for teaching me.  I have thoroughtly enjoyed it!" - Emily

"Thanks for all your help" - Wendy

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